Spirit Eco Health

Spirit was conceived by mum of two, and climate advocate Namita, who has a passion to possitively impact every women’s menstrual hygiene experience.

Why do we do this?

“We like what we do…a lot. The idea of Spirit sprung during the pandemic when my fast-paced life was forced to come to a screeching halt, leaving a vacuum of sorts. With family tragedy in the most lonely of times, I decided to give a second look at my priorities, questioned life in general and paused to ponder. Stuck overseas, I looked at the world around me in a different light – women stuck in sad lives as they have no education, lack of alternatives, financial dependency and emotional abuse.
There had to be a way out and as always, solution lies in nature – the one that nurtures us all. Spirit is a vehicle that would give me the resources and time to work in rural India for women education, emotional empowerment and financial independence.”

“All the profits and every pack sold will be cultivated back to the community where I came from.
Giving back to the women who are stuck in a generational cycle of guilt and abuse – to give them hope via education. Making them emotionally resilient, financially independent and being the wind beneath their wings!!”

Thats the SPIRIT…..

Minimum amount of order = 60$