Beneath the Tree

Who we are

Trading Tree is a team of experienced B2B sales professionals, marketing consultants, designers, content producers and web developers in Australia and abroad who share the same purpose: to make life better for Australian businesses.
We use our skills to build and grow the Trading Tree platform and provide the marketing support that our wholesalers really need to stand out today.

Meet Our Founder

Hi I’m Sue Lewis and I am the founder and CEO of Trading Tree, a B2B marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. I have over 30 years of experience in both the retail and wholesale worlds, and throughout that time, I have successfully developed and launched numerous market-leading businesses.
However, I also experienced firsthand the struggles of finding quality wholesalers as a retailer and genuine buyers as a seller. That’s why I decided to create Trading Tree. I believe that good trade connects people, builds community and fuels prosperity, and that’s exactly what Trading Tree aims to do. Our purpose is to make life better for Aussie Businesses, by providing a platform for easy, efficient, and cost-effective trade. As a community, we will support thousands of Australian Businesses at every stage of growth. And we are committed to giving back, by investing a part of every dollar you spend with us towards our Struggling Sisters of the Side Hustle program.
I am excited for you to join us on this journey and to see your business grow beyond your wildest dreams.

What Drives Us

We are a culture first organisation because we want our people to live life to their fullest potential. This is our culture code and what you can expect from us.
We also have a passion for supporting the Side Hustling Sisterhood who are tirelessly working towards their goal

And our core values, along with what they mean to us.

Think Big!

We believe in encouraging, supporting, and growing to be the best. Through imaginative big thinking, we are continuously learning and improving. Our insatiable curiosity for better allows for the expansion of ideas, knowledge, and understandings.

The Good Life!

A good work-life balance includes freedom and flexibility. Prioritising health, playtime, and meaningful work are the key to a fulfilling life. Supporting the balance of these is fundamental for a happy, high-performing team.


We are friendly, warm, and colourfully quirky. We embrace uniqueness to unleash enthusiasm and creativity. We are positive, attentive, and focused on delivering WOW!

Positively Connected Community!

We focus relentlessly on growing and supporting our amazing community who are like family. Every day we are determined to do better, be better and make better.

How You’re Changing the World

We are big believers in that today, more than ever before, the market wants your brand and our brand to stand for something, as well as provide awesome products and services. 
When we give our customers a way to do good in the world, at no extra cost, simply by choosing our brands, they will fall in love with our brands. So naturally we have an impact model that we are deeply connected to

Introducing our Struggling Sisters of the Side Hustle Program

Like many of us have been, there are 100s (maybe even 1000s) of struggling Sisters of the Side Hustle doing it tough to build the life they dream of for themselves, or their families!
You know growing a business is hard! Even big businesses have challenges. In the beginning we don’t know what we don’t know.
But what if we, as a community, can shortcut the success struggles for our Sisters of the Side Hustle?
By using our marketplace to grow your business, you’re also providing training and support to help our Sisters build thriving businesses too. At no extra cost.
A part of every dollar spent through Trading Tree goes towards funding our Sisters of the Side Hustle program.
So thank you for being part of our world changing community.

Our Difference

Imagine you could focus more of your efforts on product design and innovation, beautifying your brand, or streamlining operations instead of worrying about sales or finding new customers. At Trading Tree we do all the heavy lifting for you in matching you with the right buyers for your business! We take care of it so you can focus on what you do best.

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Get Social With Us

We want to inspire our community in every way possible. To dream big! To do more! To be better!
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Join us on our social channels and get involved in the conversations that happen there. Of course the more love our socials get, the more we all grow together. So be inspired and love like crazy! And we look forward to seeing your business soar!