Rox Lox Haircare



Rox Lox began as a passion project, when I like many others decided it was time to reduce plastic use and waste in my daily life as much as possible.

As a busy hairdresser this was a difficult task with the amount of bottles of hair products I bought, sold and used everyday. It was crazy! I wanted to make a change for myself, my clients and the entire hairdressing industry.

I had heard about shampoo & conditioner bars being the latest trend for exactly this reason, but all the feedback I got from my clients and friends that had used them said they were pretty disappointed with the results. I decided with all my experience and industry knowledge surely I could make this work. That day I enrolled in a diploma of natural haircare formulation and it changed my entire perception of haircare and the products I’d been using for years. Delving into the science I now not only wanted to reduce plastic, I needed to eliminate harsh synthetic ingredients and pollutants within the products themselves. Not only for environmental factors but for health reasons!

As I began formulating and creating the range I made a commitment to myself that these products had to be different, they had to be natural, sustainable, and more ethical but as a working hairdresser, they had to be of professional standard. I would not compromise on quality results to achieve my mission, and I didn’t have to.

Welcome to the Rox Lox family!

Minimum amount of order = 200$