Pear Collections

Unit 18 7 Main Ave, Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia, 4151


Our Story

Pear Collections was created out of sheer desperation and frustration with the women’s wear industry. Owner and founder, Angie Martin has been a ‘Petite Pear’ body shape her entire life and grew tired of grabbing twenty pairs of pants to find one that fits (if she was lucky).

In 2019 after a disappointing attempt to purchase work pants, Angie was asked “Why not do something about it?” With over 10 years of experience in the rag trade industry Pear’s creator finally took a stand and said ‘Yes, I’ll do it!”.

From that moment Pear Collections was created to celebrate, support and promote a welcoming shopping experience for ‘Pear’ shaped and curvy women everywhere.

Look no more ladies, let’s change the dread of shopping to an exciting It Fits! feeling! 

Pear Stockist Program

As a Pear Stockist, you will be able to strengthen your shop’s retail future by supporting our Pear Community and attracting a demographic typically ignored.

All approved Stockists will have access to an ongoing Wholesale Discount of 40% off Recommended Retail Price (RRP) on the entire Pear Collections range; including free shipping. Within this Pear Stockist Program, you will also receive our following ‘pearfect’ digital marketing options to make promoting Pear work best for you and your brand personality.


Helping Hands Initiative

With every purchase, we donate 5% of the profits to local community programs to fund support, education and prevention of homelessness.

Minimum amount of order = 75$