Ashbourne Abode

Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia, 2880


Table linen should ignite a desire to entertain and bring together friends and family to share special occasions which create lifelong memories. It should inspire a menu of delicious scrumptious foods and wines and be the underpinning of great conversations, wild stories and fits of laughter.

‘Ashbourne’ the name stems from my great grandparents who in the early 1900’s married and bought their first home together in Adelaide. My Great Grandmother’s maiden name was ‘Ashby’ and my Great Grandfather’s surname was ‘Thalbourne’ – as the couple joined, they named their humble abode ‘Ashbourne House’. It was such a nice sentiment and I knew it was the perfect name for my company.

The Summer 2022 launch presents to you six precious prints for our first collection – the very first snapshot of what’s to come in the future and showcases bright colours, elegance and vibrancy. Each design has been tweaked and sculptured into products that I hope you will love – which one has captured your heart?

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